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Alias Nombre Nº publicación Sector
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/quickplacer-robot-manipulador-de-altas-prestaciones/”, “text”:”ADEPT”} Adept High-speed parallel-robot with four degrees of freedom. WO2006087399 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/autorep/”, “text”:”AUTOREP”} Hydraulic cement comprising organosilicon nanoparticles WO2010076344 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/autorep/”, “text”:”AUTOREP”} Cement derivative with self-sealing capacity WO2012049334 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/glycidol/”, “text”:”GLYCIDOL”} Procedimiento para sintentizar Glicidol ES2603643 (A1) Energía y medio ambiente
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/superturbine/”, “text”:”SUPERTURBINE”} Direct-action superconductins synchronous generator for a wind turbine WO2011080357 (A1) Energía y medio ambiente
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/caprocast/”, “text”:”CAPROCAST”} Process and device for polymerizing lactams in molds EP2338665 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/caprocast/”, “text”:”CAPROCAST”} Device for polymerizing lactams in molds EP2743061 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/caprocast/”, “text”:”CAPROCAST”} Device for polymerising lactams in moulds WO2015082728 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/porta-herramientas-con-micro-vibraciones/”, “text”:”PORTA HERRAMIENTAS CON MICRO-VIBRACIONES”} Tool holder device WO2013150162 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/alarte/”, “text”:”ALARTE”} Dispositivo de monitorización de movimientos de terreno ES1129705 (Y) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/join4all/”, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”} Dry joint joining device between columns and beams of precast reinforced concrete EP2966232 (B1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/join4all/”, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”} Joining devide for precast reinforced concrete columns with a dry joint EP2966236 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/join4all/”, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”} Construction arrangement, connection assembly for this construction arrangement and building comprising said construction arrangement EP3115528 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/nanoseed/”, “text”:”NANOSEED”} Method for the manufacturing of cementitious C-S-H seeds EP2878585 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/nanoseed/”, “text”:”NANOSEED”} Method for the manufacture of nucleating agetns for hardening of concrete WO2016192745 (A1) Construcción
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/whitezone/”, “text”:”WHITEZONE”} System, method and device for preventing ciber attacks EP3144841 (A1) TICS
HAPTIC DRIVE Universal haptic drive system WO2010040416 (A1) Salud
PEEK Porous PEEK article as an implant EP2338532 (A3) Salud
PEEK Modified polyaryletherketone polymer (PAEK) and process to obtain it EP2749300 (A1) Salud
PEEK A 1,4,5-TRISUBSTITUTED1,2,3-TRIAZOLE MIMETIC of RGD and/or OGP10-14, process to obtain it and uses thereof EP2749298 (B1) Salud
TECNACOMP Membrane manipulating and compacting device for the automated manufacture of composite preforms, and method for obtaining such preforms EP2471649 (B1) Industria y Transporte
TECNACOMP Gripper device for manipulating flexible elements WO2012089859 (A1) Industria y Transporte
TECNACOMP Device for the preparation of preforms of carbon fiber-reinforced components EP2511080 (A1) Industria y Transporte
Bioinspired system for processing and characterising colour attributes of a digital image EP2487650 (B1) Industria y Transporte
Tool for the friction stir welding of two metal items with an angled joint having a pin and a wedge-shaped shoulder WO2009109667 (A1) Industria y Transporte
SURFIN Image capturing and processing system for hot profiles of revolution ES2378602 (B1) Industria y Transporte
REMORA A self-reconfigurable mobile manipulator WO2012052048 (A1) Industria y Transporte
{“link”:”http://www.tecnaliaventures.com/portfolio-item/dynacar-plataforma-de-modelizacion-de-dinamica-vehicular/”, “text”:”DYNACAR”} System for testing and evaluating the behaviour and energy efficiency of the drive system of a hybrid-electric motor vehicle WO2012089857 (A1) Industria y Transporte
BARRERAS ACUSTICAS Free-standing acoustic screening system EP2341186 (B1) Energía y medio ambiente
GLICEPUR Process for purifying glycerin derived from biodiesel production ES2378931 (B1) Energía y medio ambiente
GESTOR CHP Method for economically optimizing the operation of micro-cogenerator apparatuses WO2012089855 (A1) Energía y medio ambiente
KANPAI System and method for interconnecting umbilicals for conveying energy, fluids and/or data in a marine environment WO2013087948 (A1) Energía y medio ambiente
CarboNIPU Improved method for manufacturing 1,4:3,6-DIANHYDROHEXITOL DI(ALKYL CARBONATE)S WO2014114823 (A1) Energía y medio ambiente
MAGNOLYA Conversion coating process for magnesium alloy EP2944707 (B1) Energía y medio ambiente
SOLARFACE Encapsulated photovoltaic cells and modules EP14382333.4 Energía y medio ambiente
Metabolite production by lactic acid bacterium EP15158254.1 Energía y medio ambiente
IGNIS High-power fire testing device ES2325517 (B1) Construcción
NACO Method for obtaining photocatalytic coatings on metal substrates WO2010122182 (A1) Construcción
MODULTAR Passive solar collector module for building facades WO2011080356 (A1) Construcción
NACO Hybrid photocatalytic coatings, method for applying said coatings to different substrates and uses of the substrates thus coated WO2012069672 (A1) Construcción
ASTRAWALL Photovoltaic module for curtain walls and a curtain wall that includes such photovoltaic modules ES20100031960 Construcción

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