25 new great ideas on robotics join the European Acceleration Program on Robotics ROBOTT-NET

Mar 08


25 new ideas on robotics have been selected after the second cut of the call of the European Acceleration Program on Robotics ROBOTT-NET. Added to the 39 of the first cut, they will receive all the support they need to develop the “business case” and mature the technology.

From the 64 teams of entrepreneurs that will receive 400 hours of support from the best experts on robotics and development of new business initiatives, 8 will be selected to get up to €150,000 to face validation pilots of the technology or the product, show its potential and finally, market at least 4 new products.

An amount of 166 organizations (start-ups, SMEs, large companies, universities and institutions) of 12 countries have presented their proposals with the aim of getting support of the European Robotics Technology Transfer Network composed by four leading RTO’s : TECNALIA  (spain), DTI (Denmark), FRAUNHOFER-IPA (Germany) and MTC (England), as well as TECNALIA Ventures as third party.

The main objective of ROBOTT-NET is to ensure that new technologies cross the “valley of death” and become a reality as a business. To do this, it seeks to connect market-driven ideas with entrepreneurial talent that, combining them properly, attract the necessary investment.


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