At TECNALIA Ventures we focus our efforts on the creation of a venture building ecosystem in order to help TECNALIA transfer its technology to the market. We connect the three fundamental pillars of any innovation ecosystem: minds, management and money.

MINDS: people / organizations focused on the generation of technology-based ideas that solve P&L problems to the industry.

MANAGEMENT: people with an entrepreneurial profile / business vision capable of transferring the technology developed by the minds to the market, thus generating real business opportunities. These are profiles to which the value proposition of transforming a technological spin-off into a growing SME is attractive to them.

MONEY: smart investors that not only provide the necessary financial muscle to transform technologies into revenues but are also committed to supporting the development of the company.

Therefore, we offer services such as: acceleration programs, entrepreneurs’ club, technology transfer training programs, support for business diversification, set up of proof-of-concept funds, etc.

We aim to turn innovative technological assets into new profitable and sustainable businesses.

We do all this by identifying technologically disruptive solutions, exposing them from early stages of development to investment criteria, focusing the efforts on the business opportunities with highest commercialization potential.

“We help technologically disruptive start-ups to cross the valley of death, unleashing the technological skills that set them apart and mitigating technological risk.”

million euros in sales of industrial property in 2016
investee companies with a turnover of €2.2m and 52 jobs in total
companies backed with a turnover of €33.5m and 267 jobs created
patent applications for each 100 researchers
patent families in our portfolio (391 active patents)

Alliances and partnerships

We have technology partners from all over the world and work closely with the TECNALIA network of partners, whose members include universities, research institutes and cooperative research centres.


Leire García Tecnalia Ventures

Leire García

Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources manager
Sergio Bandinelli Tecnalia Ventures

Sergio Bandinelli

Head of Business Development

Germán Lasa

Marketing and Communication Manager
Rakel García Tecnalia Ventures

Rakel García

Head of the OMEGA Fund
Aránzazu Tormo Tecnalia Ventures

Aránzazu Tormo

Executive Assistant
Igor Aristizabal Tecnalia Ventures

Igor Aristizabal

Investee Management Team
Gorka Hermoso Tecnalia Ventures

Gorka Hermoso

Investee Management Team

Israel Cid

Investee Management Team
Edurne Casado Tecnalia Ventures

Edurne Casado

Assistant for Investee Management and Patent Administration
Toni Pijoan Tecnalia Ventures

Toni Pijoan

Business Development

Unai Calvar

Business Development
Foto Retrato Javi

Javier Sánchez

Business Development

Miguel Rodríguez

Business Development
Jesús Torrecilla Tecnalia Ventures

Jesús Torrecilla

Commercialization Specialist – Energy and Environment

Jan Sellner

Commercialization Specialist – Energy and Environment
Aitziber Aranburu Tecnalia Ventures

Aitziber Aranburu

Commercialization Specialist (Construction) sector) and Industrial Property Manager
María Ángeles Gutiérrez Tecnalia Ventures

María Ángeles Gutiérrez

Commercialization Specialist - Industry and Transport

Marta González

Commercialization Specialist - ICT
Raquel Blanco Tecnalia Ventures

Raquel Blanco

Commercialization Specialist – Health Sector

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