Inspiring Business Forum (IBF)

The Inspiring Business Forum (IBF) is a corporate investment forum that comprises trailblazing companies which have a capacity for innovation and are looking for technology-based opportunities that have strong potential for investment, diversification and making business grow.

About IBF

The Inspiring Business Forum (IBF) is a corporate investment forum consisting of leading companies with the ability to innovate, seeking technology-based opportunities with a high potential for investment, diversification and expansion of their businesses.

The IBF is the channel through which TECNALIA systematically offers its members business opportunities derived from its R&D&I activities and those of its ecosystem.

The forum is a place where members can not only find business opportunities that have been carefully selected and prepared by TECNALIA, but also express their needs with regards to investment and diversification, identifying unique ventures that can be channelled into new technological developments and partnership strategies.

Advantages of being a member of the IBF

If you are part of the IBF you will be in a place where business opportunities come to the fore, with preferential access to privileged information on business opportunities available only to members.

You will be the first to choose, value and join the projects that most interest you, with various options with regards to participation.

You will belong to a group that has second-to-none knowledge regarding the challenges we are going to face in the future and which types of technology will be in demand.

You will be able to take advantage of an environment where you can meet partners from various sectors, make contacts first-hand and connect with all kinds of companies.

How IBF works

Every year, TECNALIA will select around 10 business opportunities which will be officially presented at in-person IBF events. Members will be informed of the call for these events through a statement.

Members of the IBF will also receive instant and up-to-date information regarding business opportunities so that they can analyse them and potentially get involved. In this case, the relevant list will be published on the web platform. Forum members will receive an email whenever a new opportunity arises and they will be able to have direct access to the relevant information featured on the website.

Each member of the forum will also be able to apply to present their own business opportunities if they are seeking investment themselves.

Request information

For more information, please contact Igor Aristizabal at the Investee Management Team by sending an email to or calling +34 902 760 000.


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