DIGIMET will turn the steel dust problem into a business opportunity

Sep 20

“This Project bears the support of a private investment fund and means one of the most important operations of valorization in the history of the R&D assets of TECNALIA”

DIGIMET is a New Technology-Based Company (NTBC), recently set up which was born with the aim of being a reference in the treatment of steel dust and based on a new concept of metallurgical furnace. A new technology which is protected through a patent developed by TECNALIA and transferred to the new company which will allow them to turn an environmental problem (the steel dust treatment), into a new business opportunity for steelwork companies (such as Arcelor-Mital), for the companies dealing with the treatment of wastes (such as Befesa, ZinCox or Recyclex), zinc manufacturers (such as Xstrata Zinc o Korea Zinc), equipment manufacturers (such as Sarralle, Lagun Artea or Insertec).

DIGIMET arises thanks to the support given to this TECNALIA Project by KEREON Partners, (a private investment fund which is well known by its compromise with the economic and social development of the Basque Country), and whose contribution is one of the most important received in the history of TECNALIA by a non-industrial investor and that will give way to a preindustrial valuation of the Property Technology of TECNALIA.

This operation between KEREON Partners and TECNALIA has a great potential in the long term, due to the fact that it is planned to develop in a few months a letter of intent for which KEREON Partners will invest in business opportunities of TECNALIA with the aim of continuing diversifying its portfolio of more technological assets.

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