INSERTEC, LORAMENDI and TECNALIA create a new company to boost the foundry sector

Apr 07

ILT Plasma Technologies will improve foundry quality, energy performance and productivity of the facilities through an innovative heating system


Basauri, 2 April 2014. In Europe, the iron foundry sector has an annual turnover above 10,000 million Euros per annum, according to the data of the World Foundry Organization. In this context, ILT Plasma Technologies SL was created; a new technology-based company seeking to improve foundry quality, energy performance and productivity of the facilities through a high-power thermal plasma heating system. This new company is formed by INSERTEC and LORAMENDI, two industrial partners with a large experience in the sector, and the TECNALIA Applied Research Centre.

The technology developed by TECNALIA, which has been called PLASMAPOUR®, is a casting unit heating system based on High Power Thermal Plasma technology (HPTP). After 15 years of research, it is one of the main innovations in the iron foundry sector worldwide.

The advantages of such technology are the following: it allows to work in casting temperatures that would be impossible using conventional equipment; improved energy performance, both in the casting unit as in the rest of the facility; improved productivity of the facilities, due to an increase in line availability, reduction of rejections and a better panel performance; and improved foundry metallurgical grade.

The activity of ILT Plasma Technologies will focus on the manufacturing, adaptation, commercialisation and implementation of plasma facilities in the foundry sector, with an estimated global potential market of 1,600 million Euros. The new company will be located in Basauri (Bizkaia) and foresees an annual turnover of 2.4 million Euros from the fourth year since its creation. You may reach ILT Plasma Technologies on: and

The creation of this new technology-based company, at a time of economic difficulty, proves that the Basque industry is active and committed to the future and the creation of economic activity, showing its commitment to collaboration, innovation and technology.

BEAZ, a Public Company belonging to the Economic Development Department of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, participated in its start-up, seeking to contribute to the growth of the economic activity and the creation of jobs.



The company was founded in 1973 in Vitoria and became a part of the Mondragon Group. It is a global benchmark in foundry equipment, supplying comprehensive solutions in the field of the manufacturing and assembly of sand cores and vertical moulding lines. Its main markets are Germany, China, USA, Mexico and India and has sales offices and post-sale services in these markets.

Its main clients are first-line globalised suppliers from the block and cylinder heads of the car industry, brake discs and safety systems manufactured in iron and aluminium. The average turnover stands at approximately 60 million Euros, of which 90% are exports. It has a staff of 160 people in Vitoria and 60 in its subsidiaries, who have a clear mission of contributing to the technological development of its clients and provide an excellent post-sale service on a global level.


The company was founded in Bilbao in 1980, and is devoted to the supply of Industrial Furnaces and Refractory Products. INSERTEC designs and manufactures solutions in the field of materials engineering and science for metal processing (mainly iron, steel and aluminium): from melting to casting and final thermal treatment.

In the ’90s it began its internationalisation process, which resulted in a significant network of subsidiaries (Mexico, Italy, Brazil and China), agents and distributors. The sales from this activity have reached 75% of total sales.




TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first Private Applied Research Centre in Spain and one of the most important centres in Europe; with 1,400 experts, from over 30 different nationalities, focusing on transforming knowledge into GDP to improve people’s quality of life, by creating business opportunities for companies.

Inspiring Business is a synthesis of two concepts that go hand in hand: imagining and making it come true. TECNALIA’s differential value.

In order to value TECNALIA’S own R&D and favour a comprehensive management of the life-cycle of the innovative technological assets so as to maximise their impact on society and obtain a greater return for commercialisation, TECNALIA VENTURES, S.L., a 100% TECNALIA company with a relevant role in the acceleration of the incubation process of ILT Plasma Technologies, was established in 2013.

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