KonektaGipuzkoa: The call for the business initiatives is open.

Oct 04

Date: Saturday, 22th of November 2016

Time: 15:30-17:30

Place: Kursaal (Donostia)


Up Euskadi (Bic Gipuzkoa) and KonektaGipuzkoa (Adegi, BerriUp, Orkestra Crecer+, TECNALIA Ventures, Elkargi and Geroa) bring over a professional meeting destined for the connection of startups, SME’s and investors. The meeting will take place the 22nd November in the Kursaal Palace.

This year the meeting will be celebrated in the frame of the SmartUp Congress, aiming to be the main business lounge of the country, where the Basque SME’s and the stratups will be the protagonist.

The objective of this meeting is to contribute to a bigger dynamism and a largest interconnection between key actors in the generation of a new corporate activity in Gipuzkoa. The initiative facilitates the connection and the visibility of startups of the territory with the private investors and with SME’s from all over the world, helping to improve the Basque entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In this second edition, 10 startups in search of investment and growth will be selected in order to facilitate them the connection and the visibility betweenprivate investors and SME’s. The call will be open until 30th of October.

The selected startups will have the opportunity of presenting their projects to a qualified public in order to get new corporate models of innovation and technological application. Also, an area will be enabled to favor the networking and the private contacts between the enterprising, investors and SME´s managers.

If you want more information you can visit the site of KonektaGipuzkoa


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