Do you want to transfer technology to the market?

We help you to value your R&D to make your business grow by managing your portfolio of industrial property assets, developing the best strategy for protecting your technological assets, business diversification, technological brokerage, increasing the value of your industrial property assets and setting up and managing your own proof of concept fund.

Business diversification

From the perspective of a company or corporation that is looking to grow, we help you to think beyond the “business as usual” approach and launch new businesses that are innovative and groundbreaking. We therefore offer you technological assets that will enable you to diversify your business and, after investment at the end of the development stage, to create a new company for marketing purposes. We can also provide additional support in developing the business plan, creating the company and during the intrapreneurship process as a whole.

Managing industrial property portfolios

We help you to maximise the value of your industrial property assets by aligning them with the business strategy. This involves identifying and managing your organisation´s portfolio, strengthening the asset portfolio, getting involved in development from the early stages and improving the decision making process, as well as ensuring that resources are used in a more rational way.

Support for technology transfer offices

Develop your practical skills as a professional in technology transfer, tap into your organisation´s skills in technology valuation, develop the best protection strategy for marketing and much more besides.

If you want to make your business grow by valuing your R&D, get in touch with us

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