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Entrepreneurs’ Club

By working under the slogan “Inspiring People for Inspiring Business” and organising specific events, we help to develop an entrepreneurship ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs that want to turn groundbreaking technology into business opportunities which have an impact on the market and on society.

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is basically a way for us to develop entrepreneurial culture; we offer training, we connect ideas with entrepreneurs and we promote mentoring.

Joining the Entrepreneurs’ Club is free of charge. Sign up now and start your journey through the entrepreneurship ecosystem.




TECNALIA Challenges: Pre-acceleration programme

Do you have a business idea which is technologically innovative and in the initial development stage? Is it aimed at industry and could it solve the financial problems of companies? Get in touch with us, submit your project and take part in TECNALIA Challenges – an 8-week pre-acceleration programme that will help your business idea to take shape and give you access to our OMEGA proof of concept fund.

The programme covers the following areas:

Identifying technological risks

Developing the business model and marketing

Legal support

Analysing patentability

Access to the OMEGA proof of concept fund.

Enjoy the advantages of being part of the TECNALIA ecosystem. You will be working alongside the best technology specialists and have access to around 5000 clients, unique laboratories all around the world, pilot plants with cutting-edge equipment and a network of international connections, among other benefits.

We basically help to turn your brilliant idea into a real, sustainable and scalable business opportunity. We are always there to offer support. If you have a technology-based idea and need to speed up the incubation period, fill in the form enabled in GUST and we will contact you.
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