Our investment funds

We have our own investment funds which aim to ensure that technology-based business ideas with the greatest potential are able to cross the valley of death.


We have created OMEGA, a fund that is linked to a timebank for TECNALIA’s best researchers and stands at the equivalent of €6.5 million per year.

The result is that we help innovative start-ups to cross the valley of death, increasing the value of their R&D, developing technological skills that set them apart and therefore mitigating the technological risk to which private investors are so averse.

Once the business opportunities have taken root, we begin the process of speeding up the incubation of these technology-based business opportunities by exposing them to investment criteria from an early stage and concentrating efforts on ventures that have the greatest marketing potential, thereby ensuring that they are ready for private investment.

If you have a technology-based idea and need to speed up the incubation period, get in touch with us.

OMEGA zero to one

FIK Fund

Created by TECNALIA and managed by TECNALIA Ventures since 2015, the FIK Fund is a private “Corporate Venturing” fund for proof-of-concept whose level of investment stands at €21m over a period of 10 years. The fund has meant that over 20 patents have been generated, over five new technological developments have been licensed and three new companies will also be created.

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