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Oct 04



EIT RawMaterials is the biggest and strongest committee in the raw materials area all over the world. The objective of this committee is to obtain a European Union where the raw material is a strategic fortress for the same one.

Its mission is to improve the competitiveness, the growth and the attractive of the European area of the raw material by the innovation and the enterprising spirit. Its main objective is to get better significantly the innovation in the raw material´s area between the exchange of knowledge and information.

EIT RawMaterials invites you to participate and present your business idea related to points mentioned in the format delineated by the competition of the Business Plan. After the acceptance of the idea, the participants will have a month to develop a Business Plan.

The competition it’s destined to professionals with experiences and knowledge in raw materials area and also to doctorate students with a large level in the área.

The best ideas of business model will obtain the recognition and the support of EIT Raw Materials and they will be able to obtain awards that reach the 20.000€.

If you want more information you can visit RawMaterial´s site.

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