Patent portfolio

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AliasNamePublication no.Sector
BECOLDDispositivo y método para refrigeración y lubricación de herramientas en proceso de mecanizadoEP16382239.8Industry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”AUTOREP”}Cement derivative with self-sealing capacityEP2628716 (B1), ES,FR,GB,DE,ITConstruction
{“link”:””, “text”:”GLYCIDOL”}Procedimiento para sintentizar GlicidolWO2017017307 (A1)Energy and environment
{“link”:””, “text”:”SUPERTURBINE”}Direct-action superconductins synchronous generator for a wind turbineWO2011080357 (A1)Energy and environment
{“link”:””, “text”:”CAPROCAST”}Process and device for polymerizing lactams in moldsEP2338665 (B1), ES,FR,DE,IT,GBIndustry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”CAPROCAST”}Device for polymerizing lactams in moldsEP2743061 (B1), ES,FR,DE,IT,GBIndustry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”CAPROCAST”}Device for polymerising lactams in mouldsWO2015082728 (A1)Industry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”TOOL HOLDER WITH MICRO-VIBRATIONS”}Tool holder deviceWO2013150162 (A1)Industry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”ALARTE”}Dispositivo de monitorización de movimientos de terrenoES1129705 (Y)Construction
{“link”:””, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”}Dry joint joining device between columns and beams of precast reinforced concreteEP2966232 (B1), ES,DE,FR,IT,GB,IE,PTConstruction
{“link”:””, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”}Joining devide for precast reinforced concrete columns with a dry jointEP2966236 (A1)Construction
{“link”:””, “text”:”JOIN4ALL”}Construction arrangement, connection assembly for this construction arrangement and building comprising said construction arrangementEP3115528 (A1)Construction
{“link”:””, “text”:”NANOSEED”}Method for the manufacturing of cementitious C-S-H seedsEP2878585 (B1), ES,GB,AT,BE,BG,HR,CZ,DK,EE,FI,FR,DE,HU,IS,IE,IT,LU,NO,PL,PT,RO,SI,SK,SE,CH,NL,TRConstruction
{“link”:””, “text”:”NANOSEED”}Method for the manufacture of nucleating agetns for hardening of concreteWO2016192745 (A1)Construction
{“link”:””, “text”:”WHITEZONE”}System, method and device for preventing ciber attacksEP3144841 (A1)Information and communication technologies
HAPTIC DRIVEUniversal haptic drive systemWO2010040416 (A1)Health
SIMBIOTIC+Multilayer probiotic microcapsuleEP3205216 (A1)Health
BRASSICAFormulación de glucosinolatos y mirosinasaEP3123874 (A1)Health
ARMASSIST ACTIVOPortable device for upper limb rehabilitationEP3263087 (A1)Health
GEASystem for analysing a person´s activity and for automatic fall detectionEP1779772 (B1), ES,FR,GB,FI,SEHealth
LUMBIADevice for the evaluation, prevention and treatment of lower back pain, based on postural reeducationWO2014147263 (A1)Health
MAXSENSSystem and method for electroactile feedbackEP3034043 (A1)Health
ELCODEDevice and method for controlled and monitored transdermal delivery of active agents and use thereofEP17382407.9Health
TECNACOMPMembrane manipulating and compacting device for the automated manufacture of composite preforms, and method for obtaining such preformsEP2471649 (B1), ES,FR,DE,GB,ITIndustry and transport
TECNACOMPGripper device for manipulating flexible elementsWO2012089859 (A1)Industry and transport
TECNACOMPDevice for the preparation of preforms of carbon fiber-reinforced componentsEP2511080 (A1)Industry and transport
 INACELLCellulosic materials and process for their preparationEP3060603 (B1)Construction
ROTEXRotary extrusion machineEP3106240 (A1)Industry and transport
SURFINImage capturing and processing system for hot profiles of revolutionEP2341330 (A3)Industry and transport
RECUMETRecycling process for recycling granulated metallic materials containing surface impuritiesEP2746412 (B1), ES,FR,DE,IT.Industry and transport
MEROSUnderwater vehicleEP3037340 (A1)Industry and transport
HORUSReconfigurable GNSS RF front end and method for reconfiguring a GNSS RF front endEP3182163 (A1)Industry and transport
CABLECRANEApparatus and method for positioning and orientating a loadEP3165493 (A1)Industry and transport
BIOSIMILAnálisis de imágenes histológicasPCT/ES2016/070881Industry and transport
{“link”:””, “text”:”DYNACAR”}System for testing and evaluating the behaviour and energy efficiency of the drive system of a hybrid-electric motor vehicleWO2012089857 (A1)Industry and transport
FASTCOREConstruction moduleEP16382393Construction
GLICEPURProcess for purifying glycerin derived from biodiesel productionEP2431085 (A1)Energy and environment
BIOCOLNATA sporobolomyces roseus strain for the production of compositions with colorant and antioxidant propertiesWO2017017188 (A1)Health
KANGAROOSistema de testeo de materiales en un medio acuáticoPCT/ES2015/070935Energy and environment
CarboNIPUImproved method for manufacturing 1,4:3,6-DIANHYDROHEXITOL DI(ALKYL CARBONATE)SEP2949654 (B1), ES,FR,DE,ITEnergy and environment
MAGNOLYAConversion coating process for magnesium alloyEP2944707 (B1), ES,FR,DE,IT,GBEnergy and environment
SOLARFACEEncapsulated photovoltaic cells and modulesEP3006181 (A3)Energy and environment
 SCARGOAssembly and method for installing a subseaEP3257738 (A1)Energy and environment
KONEKTA2Sistema y método para la conexión de una línea a un artefacto marinoEP2784364 (B1), ES,FR,IT,PT,IE,GBEnergy and environment
MICROCANALESReactor for multiphasic reactionsWO2018024764 (A1)Energy and environment
IGNISHigh-power fire testing deviceES2325517 (B1)Construction
NACOMethod for obtaining photocatalytic coatings on metal substratesWO2010122182 (A1)Construction
MODULTARPassive solar collector module for building facadesEP2520870 (B1), ES,FR,IT,DE,GBConstruction
NACOHybrid photocatalytic coatings, method for applying said coatings to different substrates and uses of the substrates thus coatedEP2644662 (B1), ES,FR,IT,DE,GBConstruction
NEXT24Method and system of smart climatizacion managementEP17382026.7Energy and environment
LÍQUIDOS IÓNICOSExtraction of rare earth elements with deep eutectic solventsEP17382134.9Energy and environment
ASTRAWALLPhotovoltaic module for curtain walls and a curtain wall that includes such photovoltaic modulesEP2660875 (B1), ES,FR,IT,NL,DE,BEConstruction

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