AMR: EARTO Innovation Award 2018

EARTO, the renowned European Association of Research & Technology Organisations, has awarded AMR (Advanced Membrane Reactors) its second prize within the category of “Impact Expected”. AMR is a project developed by TECNALIA, that consists of a hydrogen production system that uses advanced membrane reactors. This award, which rewards innovations with a significant social or economic impact, was received by Jon Zuñiga of TECNALIA in Brussels. 

AMR is a high purity hydrogen on-site generation system that reduces transport costs and compression/decompression losses. This innovative system is based on the philosophy of process intensification and integrates in a single unit processes that traditionally were made in four stages. Thus, it produces high purity hydrogen in a small and medium scale efficiently, what entails significant financial savings. 

VTT won the first award within the category of “Impact Delivered” on account of a technology that transforms molding plastics into intelligent structures that encapsulate sophisticated electronic functionalities by using injections. Moreover, Helmhotz was the one who won the “Impact Expected” Award with a technology that enables identifying microorganisms with the capability of producing building blocks from renewable materials. 

If you are willing to know more about the awards or the finalists, you can do it by reading the EARTO Innovation Awards Brochure 2018.

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