CASTMOL TEKNOLAYER S.L., which works under the trademark MOLDKAR, is acompany specialising in additive manufacturing technologies, whose objective is the extrapolation of the capabilities of these technologies to the development of products/applications for other sectors, solving problems that cannot be solved by traditional production technologies.

For example, MOLDKAR has developed a new generation of inserts for moulds for bottle blowing (Blow Moulding), which allow the inclusion of adapted cooling systems in the critical areas for the cooling of the mould (necks, bottom and handles), reducing the cooling cycle by 15-30%.

The inserts can be made of many different materials, depending on customer requirements (aluminium, copper, beryllium, steel, etc.).

MOLDKAR has inserts that are validated and operating in blowers on the market. Within its marketing plan, MOLDKAR is establishing validation and references with key strategic partners worldwide in the Blow Moulding sector.

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