DIGIMET 2013 S.L. is a new technology-based company created with the objective of becoming a world leader in the treatment of steel dust.

The DIGIMET technology, protected by patents in the most important countries around the world, is based on a new concept of metallurgical furnace which, improving on current technologies, allows treatment of the steel dust inside the plant itself, independently of the production process, maximising the recovery of recyclable materials and without generating waste. In this way, DIGIMET converts what used to be a waste requiring management into a valuable by-product.

DIGIMET has overcome the technical risk of the technology and has validated the following characteristics on a semi-industrial scale with a furnace 3000 t/year:

  • Ratios and quality of products obtained.
  • Energy efficiency ratios.
  • Production capacity per oven.
  • Production protocols, by performing long production runs.


  • Operational flexibility, with the possibility of discrete units and modularity.
  • Recovery of high purity zinc oxide (> 80%).
  • Recovery of iron of high metallurgical quality.
  • Achievement of a “zero waste process”.





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