Enerkad: Energy assessment tool for urban scenarios

A detailed energy vision of the city is essential to make precise decisions, but the multitude of variables involved both social and economic, the large amount of data needed and the difficulty in obtaining them makes knowing the current energy situation and planning actions a complex challenge. .

This energy vision requires support tools for the evaluation of scenarios that use simple and easily accessible information.

ENERKAD is an energy assessment tool for urban scenarios that performs energy and environmental simulations, based on basic cartography, cadastre information and climate information of the study area.

Through energy simulation ENERKAD calculates the demand and annual and hourly energy consumption at the building, district or city level, which allows the analysis and comparison of current and future scenarios based on the application of different strategies.

It has an easy-to-use interface based on QGIS, facilitating the visualization of the results obtained, helping to make decisions to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, promoting sustainability.


In Spain and in the world:

  • Cities
  • Villages
  • Public administrations
  • Business
  • Energy Services


  • Ad hoc service + tool installed
  • Current development status: TRL7
  • SW protected

Download here the ENERKAD fact sheet

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