GO4IT SOLUTIONS. Software tools for the manteinance and modernization of legacy systems

Go4IT Solutions is a technology-based company that develops tools to help reduce the cost overruns caused by the deviations from specifications and technological problems that arise in projects involving legacy systems developed using older technologies such as COBOL, Clipper, etc.

Two tools are currently available:

Go4IT Alight: a tool for the modernisation and maintenance of legacy systems that in pilot testing has achieved cost savings of 80% in the analysis and 34% in development of code.

Go4IT Fast: a tool for creating software factories or for the generation of code customised according to the requirements of the IT department.

At present, most of the companies offering services for the maintenance/modernisation of legacy systems do not systematically use any support tools for the analysts, which very often results in cost overruns and deviations from the initial plans, which leads to both financial losses and also the loss of their market position. Go4IT has been created to address this problem.


  • Tipology Intellectual property licensing
  • Sector Information and Communication Technologies
  • Client Banco Popular y Grupo Versia
  • Contact ventures@tecnalia.com
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