TECNALIA has developed Join4All, a series of open and universal dry joint systems (pillar-pillar connections, beam-column joints and joints between 2D elements, protected by European patent applications EP14382261.7, EP14382262.5 and EP15382362.0), allowing the combining of solutions from different manufacturers of prefabricated components.

Join4All also allows the physical execution of the joints by means of simple operations (e.g. screw connections), reducing the labour required and the employment of workers from specialised trades, with the economic benefits that this implies, in addition to allowing an increase in productivity of more than 40%.

In this way, Join4All represents an important business opportunity in the construction sector that will favour the market penetration of industrialised construction.

Initially, the Join4All target market will be the Latin American market due to two main factors: (1) It is a market where housing construction cannot cope with the demand; and (2) industrialised construction has a market penetration of more than 20%.

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