TECNALIA has developed a production process for the cement sector involving high performance and low cost nanoparticles called NANOSEED.
The production process is based on obtaining reactive seeds of calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) by means of the hydrothermal treatment of waste and industrial by-products in the presence of small quantities of doping agents.

The NANOSEED nanoparticles act as accelerators in the early stages of the setting of the cement, improving its mechanical properties.

The main competitive advantage of NANOSEED is that the nanoparticles obtained through this process have the same properties as high performance commercial nanoparticles (in terms of the setting of the cement) but with a lower production cost.

  1. The properties/cost ratio of our NANOSEED will allow cement producers to:
    REDUCE production COSTS by up to 45% for the fast-setting “special cements” (prefabricated, oil cement, etc.).
  2. UPGRADE “normal cement”: Maintaining production costs.

This simple alternative and industrially scalable process is protected by European patent application EP2878585 and international patent application PCT/EP2015/061923.

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