NAUTILUS FLOATING SOLUTIONS S.L. is an industrial and technological consortium formed by ASTILLEROS DE MURUETA, TAMOIN, VELATIA and VICINAY MARINE INNOVACIÓN – four leading hi-tech companies that are present in international markets and that aspire to becoming world leaders in the development of floating platforms for the offshore wind energy market – and the applied research centre TECNALIA.

The aim of the enterprise is the development of partially submerged floating platforms that can be used in locations where the depth of the seabed does not allow the use of the current solutions involving the construction of foundations. The advantages of the structure arise from its design, which allows manufacture in conventional shipyards, wind turbine assembly in the port and towing and installation also using conventional ships. In addition, the current design of NAUTILUS can accommodate 5 MW wind turbines, but the goal is to scale up to 10 MW. NAUTILUS is an opportunity for diversification for the industrial companies that form part of the new company, because, on the basis of its current capabilities, they have access to a global emerging market with strong business prospects.

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