NEM SOLUTIONS. Intelligent maintenance of complex systems

ILogo_NEMSolutionsn 2015, TECNALIA sold to GAMESA its participation in the shareholding of NEM Solutions company which has a turnover of 4.2M € and employs 41 people. In this way, TECNALIA Ventures has managed successfully the entire lifecycle of the technological asset on which NEM Solutions was based, obtaining the highest return on the investment in R&D performed by TECNALIA in it.

Nuevas Estrategias de Mantenimiento S.L., which operates under the trademark NEM Solutions, is a technology-based company focusing on the intelligent maintenance of complex systems. It provides innovation, creativity and efficiency to the field of maintenance, resulting in a competitive product that provides companies a bridge between their daily work and technology and research. In this Way, it allows an interaction full of information and knowledge between the maintainer and the machine, thanks to thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art engineering technology maintenance, with the aim of facilitating and optimizing the activity and profitability.

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