NEOS Surgery: Premio Eureka Innovation Awards 2017

The implantable device foherniated disk surgery has won the Eureka Innovation Awards within the category of “Innovators of tomorrow”.


AR-TEX, the European initiative led by NEOS Surgeryone of the TECNALIA’s investee companies, has won the Eureka Innovation Awards 2017 within the category of “Innovators of tomorrow”Both the Spanish Calvo Izquierdo and the German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf are working in the initiative. As a result, it is expected that a new implantable device could be put on the market, which will not only improve the results of the herniated disk surgery, but also, relieve patients suffering from this disease. 

The results of the clinical trials of the product are promising. In practice, is an Annulus Repair implantable device, which acts as a damper between the damaged area and the closest nerves. As a resultit creates a barrier strong enough to slow down re-herniation, but at the same time, able to stretch and shrink according to the movements of the backbone. 

Eureka is a European network that fosters research and development aimed at technology transfer to the market, in which small and large companies, institutes, universities and research and technological centers of 40 different countries participateIts objective is to increase the European competitiveness by fostering entrepreneurship with an innovation base. 

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