In September of 2018, IDOM, the multinational company that offers professional integrated services in Consulting, Engineering and Architecture around the world, established a new business unit due to the acquisition of OCEANTEC business.  

This investee company of TECNALIA, has been the first company in Spain to overcome the milestone of a wave energy collector installed in the sea, which is connected to the grid. In order to achieve this milestone, OCEANTEC fell back on EVE (The Energy Agency of the Basque Government) 

In this way, TECNALIA Ventures has successfully completed the integral management of the life – cycle of the technological asset on which OCEANTEC was developed. 

OCEANTEC, is a technology-based company, whose purpose is to become one of the main role-players in the wave energy industry. So as to achieve that purpose, OCEANTEC develops a wave energy converter, which will compete in the market as one of the bests in terms of the costs of the produced energy and maintenance costs.

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