QING SOLUTIONS. Wearable technology

Agreement reached with Onity for the distribution of QING in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

QING Solutions is a system that prevents fraud and allows the design of personalised experiences using wearable technologies, generating new revenue models and increasing knowledge about the user. The solution is aimed at hotels, festivals, events, theme parks, congresses, fairs and cruises, etc., and boasts success stories such as the Ibiza Hard Rock Festival and the Hotel Ushuaia.

Advantages for the Hospitality sector:

  • Safety
  • Up & cross-selling
  • Greater flexibility in transactions
  • Audience segmentation and tracking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • New marketing formats


Advantages for the user:

  • User protection
  • Quicker and easier payments and access
  • Automatic topping up and refunding of credit
  • Interaction in social networks


Qing Tecnalia Ventures


Qing Tecnalia Ventures


  • Tipology Intellectual property licensing
  • Sector Information and Communication Technologies
  • Contact ventures@tecnalia.com
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