Smart Grid DOCTOR is a suite of software products that performs intelligent analysis of information generated by smart meters for advanced electricity distribution and marketing applications.

The initial application that has been designed is oriented towards identifying fraud/electricity theft, committed by customers of a utility who have a smart meter, by the use of complex data analytics.
Smart Grid DOCTOR represents an improvement (effectiveness= % successes) on current inspection methods. This is a key tool in the design of inspection campaigns (to decide who is to be inspected before visiting), achieving a reduction in economic losses and the cost of field visits.

The beneficiaries of the system, the customers, are utilities such as electricity, gas and water which have deployed smart meters.

The Smart Grid DOCTOR works with smart analytics techniques on the load curve, the hourly consumption each day. It performs an unsupervised individual analysis, customer by customer. This means that prior knowledge of the fraud, or the customer, is not required. It facilitates the detection of sophisticated fraud, and is very flexible when it comes to detecting new fraudulent activity.

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