The cost of photovoltaic solar energy has fallen significantly in recent years, achieving competitiveness in the free market in certain self-consumption scenarios. In fact, with the current rates of the retail electricity market, the profitability of a photovoltaic system is unquestionable if the consumption of a large portion of the energy generated (ideally all of it) is guaranteed.

However, the profiles of photovoltaic generation and consumption rarely coincide, so it is essential to analyse the profitability in detail in each case. One way to increase the percentage of self-consumption is to provide a storage system that allows the management of photovoltaic generation to adapt it to the existing consumption.

In this context, the TECNALIA proposal is a new high efficiency bidirectional photovoltaic inverter with the capacity to manage a system of electrical storage that also incorporates more reliable and accurate prediction algorithms for generation and consumption, so that it optimises the use of the excess generation in the installation that is not immediately used for self-consumption.

However, its main objective is to reduce the investment required in the storage system and increase the annual savings generated, achieving a much higher profitability than other solutions on the market.

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