WHITEZONE. Cibersecurity for industrial plants

Agreement with Metro Bilbao for undertaking an initial pilot project involving WhiteZone technology, a product which promotes cyber security. Patented by Tecnalia, it works by creating an industrial area that is free of malware (threats) and only allows safe software and authorised individuals to enter the space which has been marked out as the operations area.

For an industrial organisation, a suspension in production lasting several hours can result in millions of euros being lost. Thanks to WhiteZone, we can make sure that business continues by preventing the production chain from breaking down due to malware.

WhiteZone creates a secure perimeter around the operational area, ensuring that the computers and other devices that control production in a specific organisation are kept clean. This is done by setting up a booth at the entrance to clean all the USB devices that have to be brought into this area.

In order to prevent any unauthorised devices from being connected, there is an agent who can control the USBs which are connected to critical devices and computers.



  • Tipology Intellectual property licensing
  • Sector Information and Communication Technologies
  • Associated patent EP15382450
  • Client Metro Bilbao
  • Contact ventures@tecnalia.com
  • We look for Entrepreneur Licensee


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