Start up emerged from Tecnalia revolutionises the gaming industry

Jan 28

WiMi5 is a new technology-based company directed by Raúl Otaolea and formed by a team of five more professionals from TECNALIA, all with an extensive history in the gaming industry. With the creation of this spin-off, the entire team has become part of this new company.

WiMi5 is the first company in this sector to provide a cloud-based platform to create, publish and market casual and social games. It is noteworthy that WiMi5’s direct competition is located in Silicon Valley, where the most state-of-the-art videogames and technologies are developed.

WiMI5 has just ended its first financing round, in which it has been valued at 1.6 million Euros and has obtained 390,000 Euros in external funds.

TECNALIA’s main task has been to expedite the incubation prior to the creation of the company through TECNALIA Ventures, facilitating that the investors and the managing team become the driving force of the project now, with the incentive of a progressive shares acquisition scheme.

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