The trial of the EQSA system began, that will help in the assessment of pain and sensory disorders

Jan 25

In the Chronic Pain innovation project, financed by the EIT Health programme, we work with FESIA, Medtronic Ibérica, Ramón y Cajal University Hospital and TECNALIA

Chronic Pain

On November 4th, the Madrid Health Service, which is participating through the Ramón y Cajal Hospital Biomedical Research Foundation, welcomed the first patients of the Electric Quantitative Sensory Assessment System (EQSA) of the Chronic Pain project; An innovative initiative financed by the EIT Health programme from the European Union, with a duration of two years and a total budget of almost 1M euros, that aims to develop a medical device that will help in the assessment of pain and sensory disorders, specifically aimed at patients suffering from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS).

Those patients diagnosed with FBSS, usually after spinal surgery that has been technically and anatomically successful, suffer a persistent chronic pain, normally in the lower back, that the operation has not been able to alleviate. To address this problem, the consortium, formed by the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, the Neurorehabilitation unit of TECNALIA, Fesia Technology –spin-off of TECNALIA specialist in functional electrical stimulation–, Medtronic Ibérica and the deep tech venture builder TECNALIA Ventures, is developing the EQSA system. Its differential value is its ability to perform a complete and multidimensional sensory analysis using multi-field electrodes and its ability to stimulate different nerve fibers in a selective way.

More information about the Chronic Pain project through this video.

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